Florida Quail Hunting
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Broomsage Hunting Preserve is located off CR 108 W (River Rd), 7.2 miles west of Callahan.

Located about 7 miles west of Callahan, it is run by Wayne, Ralph and Harold on about 2,000 acres of leased hunting land. The preserve is in its tenth year, and is open from Oct. 1 through March 31. Preserve hunting isn't bound by state seasons, and the preserve buys a blanket hunting license that covers all its customers.

Broomsage is a true put-and-take operation, which means that the quail you shoot are released before each morning or afternoon hunt. The preserve primarily uses two types of quail, depending on availability: the Northern bobwhite and the Wisconsin giant.

Hunters are taken by truck and wagon to the hunt site. The birds are released in thinned-out pine stands. The walking is very easy, with no thick underbrush. The ground is clear enough to run a small 4-by-4 cart with the dogs if need be. If you have an elderly or walking-impaired guest on your hunting list, this is an important point.

We run some good dogs - a mix of English pointers and setters.

We have a set price for a half-day hunt, but you can customize the trip. You can add as many birds as you can shoot or afford. The price includes dogs, guides, and all your birds cleaned and packed on ice for the trip home. Broomsage also offers deer memberships.